India's War on Terror.

India's War on Terror.


This has been the question that kept popping up in my head.I fear that terrorism will soon slip from our immediate focus. And I don't want that to happen.

Like with most things, any action starts first with thyself. So what I can do? What I can at least do is contribute to the public discourse on terror.

If I have a voice, an opinion, if I am a discerning citizen, see right from wrong, jingoism from humanism, I must talk. I must ask.

Which is why I joined the War on Terror.

India Today War on Terror


Reading the latest India Today issue (Newsmaker 2008), I ask why we have not done things we could easily have. We understand that –

We are not the US (in military and diplomatic reach) We DON'T want to be Israel We don't want to strike at Pakistan's camps for fear of incommensurate retaliation We don't have the capabilities to undertake covert operations

But, couldn't we at least announce a substantial cash reward for the terrorists we want? (US got information on Saddam's sons in exchange for a reward)

Picture this -

"$10m for Zakiur Lakhvi dead. $15m if captured alive". (And can someone first put that money into an escrow account please. Wading through our bureaucratic sludge is as difficult as catching the thugs. It is a matter of collective shame that victims of terror attacks have to run from pillar to post to get their compensations)

At best, someone will take the bait. They must surely have enemies within their own ranks or someone who will do it only for the money.

At worst, it will - show India's resolve to explore options other than 'asking' a recalcitrant Pakistan to act - exhibit a belief that the world be damned, we know our enemies and we will go after them - make life a little difficult for the merchants of terror.

This is then the question I ask on the India Today Forum.

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