How to make your readers Tweet 63% more.

How to make your readers Tweet 63% more.

It was on Justin Wilcox’s marvellous website called Customer Dev Labs that I first saw some sentences Twitterized.

WTH is Twitterized?

Twitterize: Dressing up key sentences in your blog post so readers can tweet them instantly.

Tweet this

Like that.

Why Twitterize

Typically, we put sharing buttons at the side or bottom of the post.  Like this.

There is some default text attached to those buttons (like the title of the post), and the un-shortened link to the post. Like this.

Twitter Text
Twitter Text

But let’s say you’ve said something important in your blog and your reader reckons that is what he’d tweet about, instead of the title of the post.

In order to do so, he has to shorten the link to create some space, and type in the sentence again, or at least copy and paste it. Now imagine doing all this on the mobile phone. How many of times out of 10 you reckon your reader’s going to do that?

What if instead, you did all that hard work for your reader? What percentage increase in twitter shares would you get?

I got a 63% increase for this blog. Yes, I discovered from experience that –

This simple hack can make your readers tweet 63% more.

Tweet this

If you have tens of thousands of visitors every month, the Reach and Return from those tweets could be massive. And the cost ZERO.

OK, not zero since you need invest some time in doing this.

So, here's how you do it

And here is the code to dress up your tweet on your site.

<div>Your tweet text goes here<a href="http://the_ctt_shortlink_goes_here target="_blank"><img class="size-full wp-image-1570" src="" alt="Tweet this" width="25" height="25" />

You don't need to the use the code above if you can do it yourself.

Two tips that'll increase efficiency

I mention two important tips in the video. I will reiterate them here.

Don’t surprise the reader

The text that goes out as a tweet should not be different from what the reader intended to share from your post.

Otherwise, what’s the point right? The reader will re-think about sharing it. It helps to –

Treat your readers like shoppers. Give them the fastest way to tweet (shop).

Tweet this

Now go ahead and click on the twitter bird. You see how the text above and in the twitter box are almost alike. If you felt like sharing this, the tweet text doesn’t surprise you.

On the other hand, if this hasn’t incentivised to share it, then having a different text altogether will most certainly not.

Land the visitors in the context

The second thing to remember is when someone reads the tweet and clicks on the link in the tweet, they land in the vicinity of the text in the post.

Since what is tweeted is not the title of the post but a particular sentence in the post, your visitors are likely to be hooked to your content faster if they are able to see the text they read in the tweet sooner.

I explain this point in the video above at 0.50s onwards.


I hope this twitter hack is useful. If you try this, please come back here and let others know how this or some other twitter tip has helped you get more on Twitter.


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