Who am I?

Who am I?

I am a Digital Professional with a Sales & BD background with a flair for 'Customer Experience Design’.

In my 15+ year career, I have sold Visual Communication solutions to West Africa, raised capital for abstract ideas, evangelised Google Ad solutions to C-Suite execs across million-dollar verticals, built Ad-tech products, and designed content and customer experiences.

I have academic qualifications in Accounting (of all things) and a Business Degree (from a University that is more known for Sports Science). You can read more about my professional profile on LinkedIn.

If I could redo my Masters, I'd do it in Design. But thanks to Technology, I still can. Besides, the Ying of Design is having a curious mind, and the Yang, an aptitude for problem-solving. This blog's main purpose is to satisfy my curiosity. I hope to explore a wide-range of topics on Design, and have conversations with like-minded people.

I will also be very happy if this blog inspires others in any way. Here's why.

It took me roughly 36 years to figure out that I can design my life’s purpose. It took several more years to figure out what that purpose should be. Material success is a good one. Having the ability to live a life of comfort and travel wherever and whenever you like, is a worthy goal. But that alone isn’t good enough. It is too self-seeking. It had to be something else. 

I contemplated the pursuit of a zero-remainder Karmic life. I tipped my toes in the waters of Vedanta and Vipassana but a deeper reading of the nature of the Universe (or is it a Multiverse?), and how something ‘could’ come out of nothing, turned me into a Skeptic. In addition, I think the application of morality and ethics in this life is more important and worthy pursuit than worrying about the after-life. You may therefore find some musings on these topics too.

In one of my walks, an epiphany hit me. Of all praise I got in life, the praise that was most easy to carry is the one when people have said they were inspired by my one action or the other. On deeper observation, it did seem like a fulfilling goal to have. So I made that my life’s purpose. I, therefore,